Saturday, 28 December 2013

Australian Downhill Ranking

2013 Australian Downhill Ranking so far.

Yeah Second Year NUMBER 1 for the Women's Downhill National Rankings!!!!!! and so far with the best and my favorite skater on earth ROBDOG!!!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Slovenia freeride KNK + Italian Alps + Swiss Mt Passes

KnK FUN FUN FUN from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

We heard about this freeride last year and we missed it, we saw videos and the Google map image of this road and I signed up immediately for this year freeride.

We drove for a long time from Kozakov and arrived really late at night mobbing down in our new car down all the hairpins, we were frothing!!! We set up camped in the dark and started hearing very familiar voices running towards us. I was really happy to meet up again with  a great friend Ishtar and the super lovely Gloria.
KNK w the boys, by Mirko Dardic

We had a fucking great time in this freeride, no pressure, sick parties, nice food, great friends around, beautiful place and a SICK HILL:  18 steep hairpins from 10am-6pm for 5 days!!!! It was definitely my favorite event to go. Had so many cool runs filming with Marisa, Ishti and Sammy; fast runs with the whole sector 9 -rad -these crew and heaps of fun just me in front of the pack  bombing down as fast as i could blasting fast checks and slides and  enjoying the hill with no one in front that could slow me down!!! LOVED IT!!!