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Hey name is Magaly B....E....McWhinnie
Best known as Maga McWhinnie.
I was born in Peru on the 22/03/85 . Currently living in Sydney - Australia since 2007. My Aussie friends claim me as an Aussie :)

I've been longboard since 2011, I'm sponsored downhill skateboarder from Sydney Australia , who loves traveling , racing and spreading the stoke around the world . The feeling of flying downhill in complete control is what i live for.
Our sport in the professional sense, is racing on specially designed skateboards down the biggest and fastest mountain roads around the world, in groups of 4 riders we push hard and tuck low, maximizing the aerodynamic shape of our body's and using pucks on our gloves to transfer weight and navigate corners, much like a moto GP bike rider uses his knees. If we are not racing on world cups we are freeriding and exploring new roads where ever we can find them.

My sponsors who supports me and make all this possible are Basement Skate , Unplugged Byron Bay, Fibretec Skateboards, Hawgs Wheels, Riptide Bushings, Heelside Magazine, Bear Trucks and Rush Bearings.

Currently I am the leading Female Downhill longboarder in Australia and placed top 10 in the World Cup rankings for 2013 and top 5 in 2012. On July I will be heading to compete on the DH Skateboarding World Championship in 3 continents (7 countries in Europe, 1 in North America and 3 in South America) , exploring new amazing roads and mountain passes plus different places, culture, spreading the sport and documenting it all. I will be reporting back daily with weekly online videos and daily blogs, race photos and up to date results.

Next year our governing body, the IDF, International Downhill Federation, will hold again World Cup Races in Australia and New Zealand.

What got me started? Well Rob my husband he is a skateboarder and he got me my first board  in 2010 to roll around but my passion was born in Byron Bay surrounded by awesome girls with the same curiosity as me. I got inspired by girl DH riders at that time too. I start racing in local events against the boys and me at the time and a couple of months later I decided i wanted to try my first world cup in Tarma Peru, Ha that was interesting! Later even though I didn't feel prepared I decided to rego one of the fastest Downhill track in the world: Mount Panorama well known as Newtons Nation.... A big roller coaster......I loved it! so I decided to buy some plane tickets and surprise Rob and we did the Euro Tour.... since then I can't stop!!!!!

At the moment while I'm in Sydney I currently work at Australia's biggest skate shop Basement Skate. I travel to national events or free ride new and fast roads. I also love to organize local events too, Outlaw races, skate trips, beginners lessons and slide jams. The scene in Sydney has never been better I'm proud to think that we had a part in making this what it is today. At the moment I'm also spending a lot of time building our local girls scene, every six weeks we have a major Girls clinic and every couple of months I like to organize a girls only event to encourage and support their improvement.

If you want to contact me: Send me a message through my facebook page  www.facebook.com/mcwhinniemaga

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