Monday, 20 May 2013

Newtons Nation IDF World Cup 2013

On the 2nd of May, many excited riders packed their bags and drove through the beautiful Blue Mountains to get to a really famous mountain in Australia...Famous for people who love speed and adrenaline!!! This is a mountain where V8 cars race super fast but where skate boarders accelerate through corners even FASTER: MOUNT PANORAMA, for this year's first IDF World cup: Newtons Nation.

by Kate Tellefson

Thursday, 9 May 2013

All stars race - Wild wild West 3

Rob organized an other outlaw race : HE IS ANEVENT MACHINE always spreading the stoked... this time in the central coast (Naccos local spot). The track was really fun , it wasn't super gnarly but it had a few tricky right corners were people crashed more than once...

We had all the international riders that arrived early for Newton's Nation World cup including the fast - steeze  Marisa Nunes  from Peru and local shredder Gemma Holland from Brissy.
We had a round robyn system for the qualification and after a single elimination race to final for the opens (with the boys). I found it  super fun and challenging to race these boys although we didn't do go to bad against some boys  :) ..

Results for the opens where: Adam Person got 1st Robdog 2nd James Kelly 3rd. 

Chasing mustard photo by  Andreas Birk Birkeland

New Video Thane Destroyer

Here is the video Thane Destroyer by The Shred Shed. This hill is in the north of Sydney in a secret spot since it's dangerous for beginners: it's really steep, fast, you have to stay on your lane, you must throw fast pre-drifts slides to take each corner and it's always busy with cars.

Maga McWhinnie - Thane Destroyer from The ShredShed on Vimeo.

Grom Bomb race Pimp of the Pumpy

grom bomb - maidens final from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

So on the 24th of April I had my second race of the year at Pump station which is a really chill closed road in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. This race was organized by Cam Kite.
Photo by John Lardizabal