Thursday, 9 May 2013

Grom Bomb race Pimp of the Pumpy

grom bomb - maidens final from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

So on the 24th of April I had my second race of the year at Pump station which is a really chill closed road in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. This race was organized by Cam Kite.
Photo by John Lardizabal
The race was packed with grommies and 4 lovely girls: Evie and Astrid Carey, Ned Michalk and me.

Evie and Astrid Carey

We missed the practice runs since we arrived a little bit late.... was super fun racing the grommies, tight races drafting and passing each other. Great practice for the races ahead.

Ned photo by: John Lardizabal
Evie photo by: John Lardizabal
Girls podium phot by John Lardizabal
 The girls were ripping Ned who started skating recently was charging against the boys, the Carey sisters were fast taking a few boys out. Astrid did so well she provably had the best  score after our round robin race in the opens. I had so much fun racing the boys, took some of them got 1st places in a few runs and I was just enjoying riding so closed in this narrow road.

me photo by : John Lardizabal

For the girls race we had 3 races. Astrid was always closed behind on our first run she started ahead and the other two she was just really closed behind. So stocked to see them racing so good and Astrid being so closed to me behind!!!! so proud of all of them. On our 3 races we got the same result:

1st place me, 2nd place Astrid Carey, 3rd place Evie Carey, 4th place Neddie Michalk.
 (3 Fibretec boards in podium :)

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