Friday, 11 July 2014

Euro tour 2014. Swiss adventures

One of my favorite countries and my favorite hills :)
photo Rob McWhinnie
It has only been one week and we have found the best spots,  an awesome crew and we have been shredding so many epic roads.

photo Rob McWhinnie

Photo Rob McWhinnie
Swiss Alps teaser - Maga from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Girls Skate Scene

We know our girl scene is growing little by little and with the last skate-girl events we have met new faces and seen more girls shredding harder than ever, stand up slides and some bad ass carving is lifting the girls game in Sydney.
Recently on the 21st of June  Ash Ward,  Lea Robbo and Maga McWhinnie (me) held the Girls Skate Date Sydney a small skate day where many girls from NSW came to meet each other and shared our skills about everything on a longboard, including the basic and safety knowledge, speed sessions and the art of getting sideways. Maidens of Steeze , Longboard Girls Crew Australia and Birds on Boards got together for this at Basement Skate and heres the run down.

Girls Skate Date Sydney
Girls Skate Date Sydney
We had some local Uni girls, some shredders from the central coast and even the blue mountains. The day was a huge success and the girls were shredding hard and they all rocked on later that night at the Go Skateboarding Day Australia Kritical Mass . I held the event to promote our style of skateboarding and introduce the girls to the Sydney city runs, it was super fun and really crowed. We skated the whole city, held several slide jams and bombed some hills and car parks. Basement Skate gave some gift certificate  away too.
I'm very proud and stoked to know our girl scene keeps on growing and the girls are killing it! Can't wait to see more over the year.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Peyragudes never dies!

Peyragudes Never Dies 2013 from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

So we made it to Peyragudes in 3 different cars , Thanks Jolanda for coming and rescue me!!

by Unai Bellami

Weather was cold and humid but this place is so beautiful surrounded by massive mountains and a incredible view. My uncle that lives in France came with his family for the whole weekend to see us racing and cheer for us.
This track is super fun, it has a few hairpins and turns on the first part a bit rough in between the 2nd right and the 2nd left

this photo was at:   by Dmitri Elson