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Peyragudes never dies!

Peyragudes Never Dies 2013 from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

So we made it to Peyragudes in 3 different cars , Thanks Jolanda for coming and rescue me!!

by Unai Bellami

Weather was cold and humid but this place is so beautiful surrounded by massive mountains and a incredible view. My uncle that lives in France came with his family for the whole weekend to see us racing and cheer for us.
This track is super fun, it has a few hairpins and turns on the first part a bit rough in between the 2nd right and the 2nd left

this photo was at:   by Dmitri Elson

by Sick Longboards
but at the end the surfaces becomes smoother and you pick up heaps of speed through some mad righty sweepers.....

by Profil Course Longskate
the scary thing last year was to break to a stop when you are flying at high speed...this year they were clever and instead of blocking up the road the gave us more space to slow down which made it safer!!!
by Dmitri Elson
On our quali day the transponders failed several times. People got really anxious and cranky since everyones favorite run (with not to much head wind) got lost on the system....... later after a long break they fixed the system and we re-started again but the wind picked up and everyone had the same or longer time even though we were trying to go faster and faster. I had an extra run at the end of the day since my 2 first runs didn't got timed but  had my best time there getting 5th in between 11 girls racing.

The party was rad the guy who was responsible for accidentally deleting  everyones second time bought everyone beer!!! music got funky and everyone was stoked to be together again. Later Marisa and I decided to rock some latin tunes in a super sound system in the DTC Van. It felt we were dancing down the stars at Lima with everyone shaking to Latin tunes.
Next day I woke up to late and missed my repercharge race....instead Rob and I went chilling to watch the French championship and had some sick filmed runs in the afternoon.

by Dmitri Elson
The finals were so exciting everyone was ripping including the girls!

by Photographie Thor
On my semi finals I had Gloria, Annemieke and Jolanda.... on the first straight after the start line a plastic cup left on the road got stuck on my trucks..... kept on going through the first lefty but felt a bit of noise and resistance from it, i started thinking that maybe it could cause me some problems once i reach the fast part of the track... While I was turning into the first right hairpin it moved getting squeezed into my wheels and causing me to stop and over drift so i decided to pull it while i was at the same time but my middle finger got trapped on my wheel and i ran over it squeezing my nail out and a chunk of skin out and crashing.
by Sick Longboards
  I remember lifting up my hand filled with blood but not feeling pain, the ambulance came straight ahead as i was watching the girls disappearing on the distance....they offer me a lift to Hospital but I thought adrenaline was already doing a great job as i wasn't feeling any pain but desire to keep on skating, so they decided to do a re-run. I got driven to pick up the girls , back to the top while they were trying to clean and strap my finger...I got out strapped the rest of the glove into my bandage with extra duck tape and got back to the start line....a mixed of feelings got mixed there my tears were falling down of excited i false started on my re run (haha)...i decided to breathe and take it safe since i didn't know how my mind and hand will respond to the track. Didn't make it to the finals but on my consi's knowing i didn't need much of my hand down I decided to go a bit faster, started on 3rd passing one gilr on the 1st righty and another one on the 2nd righty, end up winning the final consi with no pain until  time went pass waiting at the bottom , pain kicked in!!!

Final Consi with Chiki Tamara photo by Palaxa Golden
 Luckily thanks to my awesome friends who took care of me got some serious pain killers and  enjoyed the rest of the day giving the finger to everyone :)
Nail or not Nail?

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