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Yarra Ranges

Keira freeride

Gioasteka Freeride (EuroTour 2013) at one of the so many sick mountains in Switzerland. Sick track!!!

Peyragudes 2013 (EuroTour 2013) at France. Wow super fast race but one of my favorites. Got taken out by a plastic cup on the track that destroyed one of my fingers but got back and won the Consi Final. More info: http://magamcwhinnie.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/peyragudes-never-dies.html

KNK Freeride (EuroTour 2013) at Slovenia. Awesome track of 18 hairpins super fast with the best crew!!! 6 days of gnar!!! More Info: http://magamcwhinnie.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/slovenia-freeride-knk-italian-alps.html

Kozakov IDF World (EuroTour 2013) in Czeck Republic. Super fast and tecnical race! This year I was more confident predrifting hectic corners at speed.  Made it to the consi finals on a really tight race with Marisa and Lenka. More Info: http://magamcwhinnie.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/kozakov-challenge.html

Almabtrieb Race (EuroTour 2013) In Germany. Amazing 4 days of racing at a really fast hill with so many talented girls! I had some epic crashes at my races with the girls but made it to qualified at the open Category (with the boys). More info: http://magamcwhinnie.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/kozakov-challenge.html

Keira Kaos at Mount Keira. Another hectic race on a cold and hardcore rain with a really slippery, patchy and mossy track! Awesome day though! got first after winning 3  "best out of 3" girls race. Ash got second she did awesome too.

All Moss'd Out at Clifton Gardens. On a really cold and hardcore rain. Slippery as, I had a great time slidding and got second after a few slid out battle with Ash haha, homie girl made it first!!! 

Lennox Head Race at Byron Bay. Chilled track with a really tight and fast righty. I got 2nd 3rd and 4th on my round robyn leaving me 1 point out of the race race. Got 2nd on the girls category after a crash for taking it to fast hahaha...good on Neddie for 1st place.

Newtons Nation - IDF World Cup at the fast Mount Panorama. First world  cup of the 2013 season. Intense, fast, gnarly and amazing spot! Got second after Marisa :)

All stars race at the WWW3  at  a great spot in the central coast. Rob organized an outlaw race in a  fun and tricky track. We had all the international riders that arrived early for Newtons Nation World cup including top rider Marisa Nunes from Peru and local shredder Gemma Holland from Brissy.

We had a round Robyn race in the opens to qualified which was fun and a girls division were I won!!!

Grom Bomb race Pimp of the Pumpy  at pumpy Blue Mountains. Great and tight race with the grommies and the girls :) Got 1st at the girls division.

Photo by John Lardizabal
Photo by John Lardizabal

End of Holidays  at pumpy Blue Montains. Racing the boys!!! Fun time.
By Cat Sweeny


 Dark path race in my secret garden. The spot was closed and we had a super fun race with out waring about traffic. What a great way to finish the year. Got 1st at the girls division.

by Flavio Biehl

by Flavio Biehl

Wild wild west 2 somewhere up the coast .... Got so lost to get there but so worth it.....this track is super fun super fun!!! top corners is fasf as into a rough straight followed by a tight lefty and fun right hairpin....super fun Great work Benny and Daddie you guys picked the best spot and put up a great event. Super stoked the i qualified  #16 in 32 men race hell yeah racing big boys is the best and got 1st on the girls division.
by Evie Carey
by Evie Carey

Hero's vs villians race  dressed up girls race in a modified track with heaps of features . It was fun and Lea and I were so tight .... we learn a lot on how to ride super closed and take tiny corners together hahaha.... we had a great time. Got first at the girls division.
by Ned Michalk

by Ned Michalk

My Secret Garden race in Sydney was a super fun day racing the groms and stoking them.

 Descente Race in  the beautiful and magical Switzerland. Now I'm in love with this country, it;s beautiful , petit  and has so many sick roads!!!!!!! the best thing is for most of them you don't need cars because you got trams or gondolas...but for this race they picked the most rough and gnarly track... with out protection....i mean no hay bails only wooden fences on the drops... So IGSA decided to not have a race , shorten the track and just have 2 days time trials. I had a good time, a lot people left but i reckon i learned a lot especially how to go fast on a rough patchy road.


 Peyragudes Never Dies World Cup in the top of a french mountain. Wow this road was fast partly rough super gnarly again i was wrong this has to be the fastest track i've ever been that last 2 righties are super fast Misho did 107 km/h i think and we had a very short time to break .... super gnarly.
Had a great time its a beautiful location and the food is delicious. We had a hardcore party...where we got kick out for acting to ...hardcore? haha it was after a long day waiting to race but it got cancelled so our party was intense , i love the red wine team!!!

Teolo World Cup in Italy. Cuttest little town with a really winding hill it made me think they could 've  build one or two hairpin in this road but the Italianos did it with 4! haha super fan track fast at beginning not to fast on the hairpins but still challenging . Amazing Cheap food and super fun event. My last race was super fun with Bekks and Sonso ... great time.

Kozakov Challenge World Cup in Check Rep. If i ever thought Newtons Nation was the biggest fastest intense race i would ever experienced ...i was wrong. Sentence to describe it ACCELERATION ALL THE TIME + SUPER FAST CORNERS + steep and narrow hill + it always rains...... but they got the best beers.... awesome parties..... my favorite race with NN,  it goes for ever (3 km+) and its FAST. Last day we raced on a patchy wet track....lots crashes lots of fun.

Tri skate Cup in Pumpy Blue Mountains this was a fun race with the boys and my time to trained before leaving to the EuroTour. Almost almost got the longest slide comp.....so closed i think the boys were not happy :)

Girls get stealth at Willoughby in Sydney. Lea put a race for the girls of NSW in a very chill run, it rained the night before and the girls tested a bit of speed.

All Moss'd Out race in Sydney. Rob decided to put a lot of races while he was free.....this race was super fun and had everything. We enjoyed a lot.

 Newtons Nation World Cup in Mt Panorama at Bathurst !!! yeah crazy steep, fast and INTENSE.

I remember I was thinking "I gotta do it , need to rego , i'll learn from it.... i could always break..." haha my biggest fear was the first run, the girls decided to follow me and i just push down and break a lot at the top....later the adrenaline start pumping ... decided to go a bit faster and faster...and by the end of my first run i was SCREAMING OF EXCITMENT , i've never felt this  strong feeling before i could only scream F.... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  inside my fullface...and then i heard more screaming from the back Ishti and Gems....we had a great time in here and bigger crashed with Gems...provably it looked like the most gnarly crash of the event.... mental! but we were ok :)

Mt Keira Challenge World Cup this is our local DH track in Woolongong but for the race it rained so much....the track was wet and super slippery , it was like riding for the first time especially because it's so patchy and with the rain became a big challenge for everyone. I had a great time and a great crash. 2 girls fell off in front of me trying to pass and I just couldn't avoid hitting them...my shoe flew away with my board ....and i had a really sored neck...any way the track was awesome it gave me a lot of experience of what feels riding a wet track... and had a great time with the crew.


Copa de los Andes World Cup in Tarma Peru. 3km long hill with 2 fast switchbacks lots of speed, fast corner at the finish line at 4000 mt over the sea level and lots of adrenaline. This was my first world cup......after my 6 months of experience and after  shoulder blade healed  I decided this was my chance to experience speed .... but this hill was gnarly for me at the time. It took me a couple of runs to feel more confident but at the end  even with the problems from  the organizers we had a great time!!!

Chicky babes first kiss roadtrip  I decided to take my girl crew up to this famous hill Robbo told us Hill Climb. 2 days of super fun and adrenaline, we had a great time and lovely memories.

 The first Grom Bomb in Lennox head . Cuttest race for the grommies. Smiles and smiles ... parents were stoked then again that was Rob's aim.

The secret Carpark?  in Byron. organized again by event-machine Rob. We have this fun carpark in the middle of Byron we loved to skate, we learn there and this day was super slippery after Rob drop Flour everywhere.

That Race somewhere in Queensland. It was a super fast hill that I don't in what I was thinking at the time (with  my experience in those days)  but decided to race. I proof I could footbreak at speed and I just followed the boys... awesome track.....angry residents though. It was super super fun. Thanks Merrick.

Small Stealth Secret Scramble in Brisbane was organized by Adam Baldwin. Night time race in fast track somewhere in Sydney. Was super fun. boys were ripping. Thank Adam.

Pacific Vista race in Byron Bay. We organized a race at the bottom of our street, provably one of the first longboard races in Byron. We had a great day lots of audience and many kids got stoked from then.....Rob McWhinnie loves spreading smiles and his work while he was on crutches pushed the local longboarding scene to what it is now.

Monkey Pig Derby race in Brisbane Queensland. I went there just to film and check it out...while Rob signed me into the the race without telling me. I didn't even know how to turn , I only knew how to break and tuck. Funny that got Second Place that got me super super stoked....since then I signed up to all the races I can find. Thank you Rob and the Monkey Pig team for organizing this super fan race.

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