Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Europe 2: Massive, fast and rad swiss hills!

top of "Sugar, sugar" photo by Alex Duss
So we finally got our car...... we packed everything really fast, put some petrol and left to skate some massive mountains around the country: Go go Flow, Moo moo and Sugar! (sorry we can't revealed the real names , so these are the name we gave them for now.. hahaha)

Europe 1: We arrived!!!!

Sydney Airport, photo by Bruce de Graff
After a 30 hour trip crossing through Abu Dabi and Munich , we finally arrived to ZURICH!!!! We travel together with Mustard.  I love Zurich and what a better way to arrive with everyone waiting for us: Reinke (Fibretec Creator) his lovely girlfriend Natalie, Raoul (alles isssssi) and Alex , all waiting with a beer ready to party haha....

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Outlaws :)

Our date to travel gets closer and closer, we started to get ready  for the Euro Tour a month before  and what else  better than racing 4 Aussie Outlaws........

Lennox Head race at Byron Bay. in the flowing green fields just south of Byron Bay Ash Armitage decided to put an outlaw on the old Dash and Slash race track. The track starts in a steep driveway that throws you down into a smooth road with one left turn into a long drop that finishes in a sharp right turn with a rock slippery surface, at the end it finishes with a left hand gravatronover the finsih line.
by Ian Kemp and Bern McWhinnie