Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Europe 2: Massive, fast and rad swiss hills!

top of "Sugar, sugar" photo by Alex Duss
So we finally got our car...... we packed everything really fast, put some petrol and left to skate some massive mountains around the country: Go go Flow, Moo moo and Sugar! (sorry we can't revealed the real names , so these are the name we gave them for now.. hahaha)

"Sugar, Sugar" : is located in a beautiful spot and the one lane wide road drops from a school at the top of  a hill through some farms and a fast forest.  Very steep, narrow , with lots of hairpins and amazing view. 
getting sideways

It has a back road too: teaser-video....

the forest of pain. RAW RUN Mustard! from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

"Moo , Moo" it was a bit tricky to find but once we did we were speachless. The place is magical and it has so many hairpins!!!!!!!!!! You can spot for cars all the way down. Super narrow, fast and super fun. Lots of cows and goats :) We met up with the local crew on the Swiss Skate Van, riding in big packs: loads of fun!!!

a high spot

our camping site
fast pre-drifts

so many hairpins

lake at the bottom
teaser-video of a section of the whole run: 
dijon and swiss steeze from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

"Go go flow"  We went back to this beautiful place. We had heaps of fun mobbing through the re-paved forest with really steep hairpins, got sideways until we our legs burned through the last section where you can spot cars from the top. Found an amazing campsite next to a really cold waterfall , it was magical.

narrow and fast bends



Big video will come out later!!!

Packing our staff , about to leave to our first race : ALMABTRIEB!!!!!!

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