Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Outlaws :)

Our date to travel gets closer and closer, we started to get ready  for the Euro Tour a month before  and what else  better than racing 4 Aussie Outlaws........

Lennox Head race at Byron Bay. in the flowing green fields just south of Byron Bay Ash Armitage decided to put an outlaw on the old Dash and Slash race track. The track starts in a steep driveway that throws you down into a smooth road with one left turn into a long drop that finishes in a sharp right turn with a rock slippery surface, at the end it finishes with a left hand gravatronover the finsih line.
by Ian Kemp and Bern McWhinnie

by Ian Kemp

I arrived a day before with my lovely friend Neddie,  she has been working with ASRA on event-races and now is starting to race more and more herself, with the goal of getting better, racing overseas in the future and finishing well in the Aussie female rankings. I had recommended her a set of biggies to ride and grip with, we went a night before to start training for the race, I was experimenting with the speed of the hill while Neddie was pushing herself faster and faster on each section of the track, finding her apex. The next day we had to race the boys in a round Robyn qualification, I beat some boys getting 3rd, 2nd and 4th (after crashing) in my last run  and got really close (just one point ) from qualifying into the 16 men final out of 35 or so... At the end of the day we had the girls final and Neddie won passing me as I crashed going too fast into the slippery right turn haha, I was way out in front and decided to push it too fast into the tightest corner loosing traction of my wheels until I hit the grass getting second behind her.... I was happy and very proud for Neddie she did what I taught  her and in general she is pushing herself little by little going safe but solid as. Josh Evans won the opens!
The wettest and very rad outlaw series by Rob McStinky thanks to Hopkin Skate (suppport your local):

 All Moss'd Out at Splifton Gardens. 4 days before the race it started pouring in Sydney and it didn't stop for almost 2 weeks.This race track is not to fast but it has lots of turns and its halfway smooth and halfway very slippery/rough. It was pouring rain during the whole race and it was cold. The smooth part was super fun to slide with a bit of speed. The  second part became mondo slippery and everyone was sliding out at some point especially at the last hairpin. kids boards where flying off the edge and groms where holding the railing as the slid out of control towards the 4-5m drop.

by Nick Gibbins

Ashley came with me and she was sliding really well holding her speed-safe with a bit of foot breaking too, with clean runs down the track she overtook a few guys who couldn't hold their lines and crashed out. I was enjoying the runs and experimenting with some fast slides in the rain and it was super fun but I crashed with a few guys and in the slippery spot same too in our girls run , I pushed in front and lost traction on the first left hairpin letting Ash a free track to pass, I tried to catch up to her when she crashed after the mid right corner just before our finish line, but she stood up quickly and cross the finish line giving her the 1st place!!! She was so stoked and happy after winning for the first time and she nailed it!  So stocked to see her shredding. Neddie tried racing too but after a hard crash where she got hurt a bit decided to stop and not continue racing. She still helped us running the event and had a ball cheering them all on.

by Nick Gibbins

Deep End. This is one of our local spots very closed to my place in Sydney, really fast short track that is super fun to mob and slide. As we thought, it was like a river on the day. The race was still on but a few guys bailed and some others joined. Rob sorted everyone out with lots of run with a 16 man double elimination, both him and I couldn't fit on the format so lent our rain wheels to our mates. Everyone was shredding! Mustard had mad perfect fast lines through the course, Cam was fast and smooth: invincible, Benny was like a machine so fast and solid, Callum and Matt from Melbourne were shredding too. Benny won the race leaving Cam and Callum in second and third. Ash was having heaps of fun, we got sick photos and got super soaked.

by Nick Gibbins

Keira Kaos at Mt Keira. The road has been closed for so long it was about time to put an event on it! The day was clearbut as we all feared the track wasn't dry but soaking wet from flooding rain, it was wet with a some dry parts, patchy and slippery not adding that Keira has a semi-ruined surface and since it hasn't been used for a while it was dirty and super mossy. We covered all the not friendly-looking guardrails with big boxes and avoided looking at them. We were all taking it easy testing it out and increasing the speed with our practice runs, we had lots of people crashing some of them a bit gnarly. I was trying to take clean lines and have a good time trying to finish the day and week with out any problems that would complicate my flight and trip.

by Nick Gibbins
by Nick Gibbins

With each run i increased my speed and had a rad time racing the boys. Ash got a bit nervous after almost losing control on one of her runs but she got back on the board and kept on riding and had a great time. We decided to have a "best out of 3" system for us to race, that aloud us to have lots of runs down the track. We were singing and yelling enjoying the track on the way down. I won the 3 runs with Ash second in clean and solid runs.
by Nick Gibbins

 The boys at the final were hauling , testing each other's limit. Rob won it mobbing the whole way down with Cam close behind, Caspian 3rd and Justin -Canada 4th.

by Nick Gibbins

 It has been a solid racing month. We all had a blast and enjoyed really well planned and organized races with amazing people and a strong community!!! It's awesome to see the community enjoying and sharing together, pushing and shredding harder together. I was hoping to see a few more girls but I guess the weather didn't helped. So proud to see my lovely friend Neddie stepping up, learning so much and my home-girl Ash, shredding in the rain and improving so much as a rider. These two are on their way up, coming to more races, aiming to get solid and do the IDF tour next year. I'm so proud of them and stoked to keep on guiding them and see them learning so much. I know that there will more outlaws coming so I came up with a great idea for the Aussie Girl Scene.... 

Thanks to HOPKIN SKATE who sponsored all these big outlaws. Always helping our scene to grow more and they've been doing it from the beginning!
Support your local and you will support your local scene!

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