Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Video Thane Destroyer

Here is the video Thane Destroyer by The Shred Shed. This hill is in the north of Sydney in a secret spot since it's dangerous for beginners: it's really steep, fast, you have to stay on your lane, you must throw fast pre-drifts slides to take each corner and it's always busy with cars.

Maga McWhinnie - Thane Destroyer from The ShredShed on Vimeo.

The boys (Hopkin team) found it a year ago and it was always a run they will always respect. One day driving them down and up the hill i decided to give it a go while the boys were changing there wheels ( i knew they wouldn't let me go all the way otherwise) and i made it throwing lots of slides haha.

Any way , these new crew of talented filmmakers : The Shred Shed contacted me to make a video with them, so i told them about these spot. They were excited about it so they didn't wait to long to contact me to film the video.

The video was filmed in a cloudy day , at the begging it was raining but we took our time to practice and for them to shoot from different angles.  By the end of he day my legs were shaking and my wheels were flat spotted (because of the long/fast slides).

This video was their first video edited as a group and got more than 5000 views in their week . They were really stoked about this and so did I.


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