Thursday, 9 May 2013

All stars race - Wild wild West 3

Rob organized an other outlaw race : HE IS ANEVENT MACHINE always spreading the stoked... this time in the central coast (Naccos local spot). The track was really fun , it wasn't super gnarly but it had a few tricky right corners were people crashed more than once...

We had all the international riders that arrived early for Newton's Nation World cup including the fast - steeze  Marisa Nunes  from Peru and local shredder Gemma Holland from Brissy.
We had a round robyn system for the qualification and after a single elimination race to final for the opens (with the boys). I found it  super fun and challenging to race these boys although we didn't do go to bad against some boys  :) ..

Results for the opens where: Adam Person got 1st Robdog 2nd James Kelly 3rd. 

Chasing mustard photo by  Andreas Birk Birkeland
Our girls final was left for the end of the race after the opens final, so we run up the hill on the bus as soon as we saw the final from "crash corner".

This is what happened in my race: Got some fresh Biggie   and i decided to do my very best and go as fast as i can...... I stuffed up my push at the start leaving me in third chasing Marisa and Gemma through the first corners. Gems was carving which made it tricky to pass her and slowed me down a bit. I passed Gems in the 4th corner and tuck as much as i can to reach Marisa.... Marisa had some previous crashes in the last corner  so  i knew that i had to focus on getting the right  line to not drift out... she turned in front of me drifting out and crashing to the hail bails leaving me a free pass to 1st place. I turned around and the only person behind me was my mate Matt K filming our run, Gemma  crashed too after Marisa, behind me....but got up fast and got  2nd check it watch this funny Video below made by Matt K..

Fun day and well organized race, had heaps of fun and i was super stoked, watch this video of my race made by our mates from skate house media (Matt K)


Podium photo by  Andreas Birk Birkeland

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