Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kozakov Challenge

kozakov Girls freeride POV from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

photo by Sick Longboards
I was super excited and nervous to come back to this race track. I knew how gnarly it was last year but I was excited that  I could go a bit faster and perform much better.

We had a FIVE day event this year, with an extra freeride day which was awesome: no pressure just pure fun in one of my favorite DH tracks. Funny though, on one of my runs down i drift out  into the hail bail on the first lefty landing with my ankle in a weird position I kept on skating for the rest of the day but since then i noticed i did something weird to it since it had a funny pain everyday.

photo by Andrew Chapman
photo by Suzie Ferguson

We had a great time through the rest of the days on the event, I improve my checks with my Biggies after the first days.

photo by Sick Longboards

I didn't qualify for the final race bracket in the opens category but did have a great battle on the repercharge bracket getting 1st on one of my brackets and 2nd on the other one.

The girls final was really exciting didn't  make it into the finals but to the consi final with Marisa,  Lenka (Czeck girl champ) and  the lovely Sonso: Marisa was first me following her behind closely in second. At the last section , Lenka  who was behind me, drafted and passed after the last lefty, I follow her close through the fast straight draftting her and  making a pass through the last righty, we both arrived at the finish line  next to each other which end up being a few milliseconds difference in between us with Marisa in front.

photo by Sick Longboards
photo by Sick Longboards
photo by Jan Erben
In overall, the whole event was a success I was really happy on how fast we went down and I'm always really impress on the great performance on the rest of the girls, this year we were like 12 again. We had heaps of runs over the whole event and a great time with all our friends around, the Kozakov parties are always wild and we made sure we stopped several times at our favorite Goulash and Best Beer bar at the bottom of the hill.
photo by Sick Longboards
photo by CGSA

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